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About Compete for Cash

About Compete for Cash

How Compete for Cash Works

Compete for Cash competitions are hosted by WorldWinner. WorldWinner is the leading global provider of online games for cash and prizes, where the outcome of each competition is determined by the player's skill. As a tournament provider, WorldWinner brings together people who love to play games and thrive on the thrill of competing, allowing them to demonstrate their ability in tournaments for free, or match wits against opponents for cash and prizes.

How Do I Play?

The answer is, any way you want. You can try to beat your personal best or you can compete against other players, where you're matched with opponents of equal skill. Of course, you can also simply challenge a friend. Generally, people start out playing free games. When they are ready to take the fun to the next level, they can compete for cash. Our role in all this is to host the matchups. You are the players. We are the playground.

What Does it Cost?

When you're ready to compete for cash, all you have to do is make a deposit into your account using a credit card or PayPal. Then you can play in the game of your choice. When you win, money goes into your account. When you lose, well, you get the picture. One important thing to note. We never act as the "house". We have no financial interest in who wins, only in helping you have a great time.

One final thing: To prevent cheating and to ensure a fast game experience, we may require a one-time download to your computer. The download is Go Daddy certified and is completely secure.

If you have any additional questions, see our online Help.

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