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ZenGems Game Tips

Game Goal

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The most important tip is to always keep the game goal is mind: destroy the Gems. Matches do not give you any points; instead, all your points come from cracking and breaking Gems.


Many of the levels resemble puzzles in that their solutions require careful, thoughtful play. If you have trouble breaking the Gems on a particular level, analyze the board. Some levels require you to push Balls around the board in order to make necessary matches, while others require specific use of the special pieces. Every level has a solution though, and you cannot get stuck. You just might have to change your strategy.

Special Pieces

ZenGems has a number of special pieces. While not found on every level, you'll encounter them all soon enough. The more you know about these pieces, the quicker you'll break the Gems.

Pusher Balls

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Pusher Balls are the most common special piece found in the game. To master ZenGems, you'll need to fully understand how they can move and raise up other pieces.

  • One of the most useful moves you can do with a Pusher Ball is to drop one directly on top of a Gem. If the Gem is raised up on another piece, it will slide off, fall, and crack. The first move in the video demonstrates this in action.
  • The last move in the video shows how the Pusher Ball can cause other columns to be pushed upwards. Use this trick to push Balls under Gems, raising the Gem up. Then you can either push the Gem off with another Pusher Ball or make a match with the Ball under the Gem to make it fall.


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Cages trap Balls or Gems. They can be destroyed with FireBalls, which will free the trapped piece.

  • You can free trapped Balls by involving them in a match. The first move of the video demonstrates this: the player drops a yellow Pusher Ball, which pushes a normal yellow Ball to the right, lifting up another yellow Ball and a Gem. The resulting match of yellow pieces causes the Gem to fall and break. The green Ball then falls on top of the green Cages, freeing them.
  • You can free trapped Gems by making any match adjacent to them. Watch the second move of the video: the player drops a yellow Pusher Ball onto a yellow Color Burst. This creates a match of the yellow pieces. As the two trapped Gems are adjacent to this match, the cages break and the Gems are freed.

ColorBurst Balls

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Color Bursts change the color of other pieces on the board. While this is almost always useful, on some levels it is absolutely necessary. For example, sometimes to remove a stubborn Ball, you'll need to use a Color Burst to change its color to something more useful.

  • Color Bursts appear on the board as pots of liquid. To pick one up, make a color match involving the pot. It will move off the board and into your shooter; the piece that was in the shooter returns to the queue. The first and second moves of the video show this happening.
  • When shot, a Color Burst will change the color of the eight pieces surrounding the target square. This is highlighted in the third move of the video.

Energy Balls

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When shot, Energy Balls travel down the column removing any Balls of the same color, or freeing them if they are trapped by Cages.

  • Energy Balls appear on the board as lightning spheres. They are picked up the same way as Color Bursts, by matching their color. This is shown in the first move of the video.
  • You can use an Energy Ball to easily crack Gems by removing Balls supporting the Gem. This is demonstrated in the second and third moves of the video.


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FireBalls never appear on the board, only in your queue. They attempt to destroy the target piece and the two pieces to either side. You can use them to remove Blockers and Cages.

  • While FireBalls don't directly damage Gems, you can indirectly crack Gems by removing supporting pieces. The first move in the video shows this happening: the exploding FireBall destroys the yellow Ball to the right, causing the Gem above to fall and crack.
  • The second and third moves demonstrate one FireBall causing a sequence of matches. First, the FireBall destroys the target yellow Ball and the blue Ball to the left. This causes another blue Ball to fall and create a match of three blue pieces. As this match borders a Gem Cage, the Cage breaks, dropping the Gem and everything above it.
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