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Game Goal

Use the twister to rotate the gems and make matches of three or more! Race the clock and build up your multiplier to achieve a high score!

Game Rules

Start Screen & Game Options

After the game loads, you'll see the start screen, which includes a "Click to Begin" button and a "Game Options" button. Click "Game Options" to adjust the volume settings for background music and sound effects. Select "Click to Begin" when you're ready to play!

Game Play

The game begins with an eight-by-eight grid filled with gems. Match gems by rotating groups of four clockwise -- If you create a row of three or more identical gems, the gems disappear and you earn points! Rows of four or five will create special gems:

         -  A match of four gems in a row will create a fire gem that explodes when matched!
         -  A match of five gems in a row creates a lightning gem that removes its entire column and row when matched!

Every time you make consecutive matching moves, your multiplier meter (located to the top left of the screen) will go up - fill the meter to increase your points multiplier by one level! Non-matching moves will cost you any bars accumulated in the meter, and for every non-matching move in a row after this you'll lose a full level of multiplier! For those good enough to get past the 5X multiplier, a special gem awaits!

Watch out for Bomb Gems! If one comes into play, you have 20 twists to remove it by either matching it or using a special gem. If you don't remove it in time, it'll wipe out any special gems you've made AND drop your multiplier meter the equivalent of two consecutive non-matching moves.

On the left side of the screen you'll also see the timer. Keep an eye on the timer; you only have four minutes to rack up the points!

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to position the twister over the gems you want to rotate!
  • Click the left mouse button to twist the gems -- you can only twist clockwise.

Game Scoring

Gems in a linePoints
5 or more200
Bomb GemsNormal scoring
Flame Gems200 per detonation, plus 10 for each gem blown up
Lightning Gems300 per detonation, plus 15 for each gem zapped
Fruit Gems400 per detonation, plus 20 for each gem removed
Simultaneous Matches100 per match beyond the first

Multipliers – the multiplier displayed in the upper-left applies to every match made in the game. If you have a 3X multiplier active, the above scores would all be three times higher.

Game Strategy

  • Watch for patterns in the gems... an 'L' shape can usually match.
  • If you have multiple matches available and you're working on maintaining a chain, work from the top down -- that way you won't disrupt the lower matches when you make the higher ones.
  • You don't have to destroy Bomb Gems as soon as they appear; you just have to get to them before they explode! Keep them in mind as you play, but generally you don't have to take direct action until their counters reach five.
  • Alternate matching and non-matching moves to clear Bomb Gems while maintaining your current multiplier.
  • Top-scores are only achievable with long runs of consecutive matching moves!
  • Make use of Flame and Lightning Gems to clear Bomb Gems that aren't easily matched.

Did You Know?

  • Bejeweled Twist was voted casual game of the year in 2008 by Yahoo Games!
  • Remember, gems always rotate clockwise!
  • Watch out for Bomb Gems! If you don't remove them in time, they will wipe out any special gems you've made AND lower your multiplier!
  • Can't find a match? Search long enough and a sparkle will appear to give you a hint!
  • You can complete two gem sets at once for bonus points!

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