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Game Rules

Collect as much money as possible before the game's five-minute time limit expires. Left-click on groups of three or more like-colored coins to clear them from the game board. The more adjacent coins you eliminate per click, the better your score will be! Grabbing coins causes the Money Meter on the right side of the game board to rise.  When the Money Meter hits the top, a Moneybag drops from above!

To collect a Moneybag, you must remove the coin it's sitting on. Sometimes this is easy, like if there are already 3 or more like-colored coins under the bag. At other times, however, it can be quite a bit more difficult and you'll need to work at other areas of the board before you can get to it.

To pass each level, you'll need to collect a certain number of Moneybags. The number of bags required for each level is indicated by Moneybag-shaped holes on the left hand side of the screen. Each Moneybag you collect fills in one hole. Fill all the holes to proceed to the next level!

New coins are minted after every 2 or 3 moves, depending on difficulty. You can keep tabs on them at the bottom of the screen (Red bar - 1 move, Yellow bar - 2 move, Green bar - 3 or more moves) and strategize accordingly. If a column of coins reaches the top of the screen, you'll get a warning (the coins will flash) and you will need to remove enough coins to get back to a safe height. If you can't make a move, your game will end!

Game Scoring

You will score points for each group of cleared coins. The amount of points you get depends on the number of coins removed per click, referred to here as a "set". Capturing a money bag in a combo doubles the base score (excluding bonuses)!

 3 Coin set10
 4 Coin set15
 5 Coin set20
 6 Coin set30
 7 Coin set40
 8 Coin set50
 9 Coin set65
 10 Coin set80
 11 Coin set95
 12 Coin set115
 13 Coin set135
 14 Coin set155
 15+ Coin set180

After 15 Coins, you get 25 points per Coin over 15.

Warning: Every time you click on a group of two or fewer coins, 100 points are subtracted from your score, so don't get too trigger-happy! If your score is less than 100, no points are deducted.

You can also boost your score from the following combos. However, you can only score one per click: if two or more qualify, the one with the highest point value counts. The details column shows the number of Coins you need per combo, and the number of consecutive times you need to get that combo. For example, to score the Triple Combo, you need to get 7 or more coins three times in a row.

Excellent Combo10+ Coins25
Double Combo7+ Coins (2x)75
Triple Combo7+ Coins (3x)100
Big Money Combo15+ Coins200
Double Mega Combo10+ Coins (2x)250
Double Hyper Combo13+ Coins (2x)350
Triple Mega Combo10+ Coins (3x)350
Awesome Combo20+ Coins400
Triple Hyper Combo13+ Coins (3x)450

The above can be combined with these bonuses:

Color Combo Bonus4x same color combos20
Super Color Combo Bonus6x same color combos50
Column Clearing Bonusclear 3+ columns in a combo50
Super Column Clearing Bonusclear 6+ columns in a combo200
Speed Bagger Bonuscapture 2 money bags within 5 seconds50

In addition, for every extra Moneybag at the end of a level, you get +100 points.

Points are also multiplied by a Game Level Multiplier. When the game begins, this value is set to 5. With each new game level, the multiplier increases by 1. The formula is as follows:

 Game LevelMultiplier
 Level 15
 Level 26
 Level 37
 Level 48

Game Strategy

  • Go as fast or as slow as you want, but be careful about which coins you grab. The coin level increases every 2 to 3 moves, so you'll need to strategize to collect the most coins per click.
  • Scan the game board carefully before each move. The most obvious move isn't always the best!
  • As soon as you see a Moneybag drop, remove it as soon as possible to advance to the next level. The more levels you go through within the time limit, the more your Game Level Multiplier increases.
  • Collect as many coins per click as you can. The more you take out in one move, the higher your score!
  • You can keep a combo going by making more qualifying matches in a row. For example, if you've just scored the Triple Combo, you can earn it again by making another match of 7 or more coins. As long as you can make the right matches, there's no limit to how many times you can score a combo!

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