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Game Goal

Score points by removing chains of three or more bricks of the same color.

Game Rules

Blockwerx is played on a 12 by 15 playing area which fills with colored bricks. Some bricks will appear on the board at the start of the game; others will be added as the game progresses.

Bricks are added one at a time to the "staging line" below the playing area. Once this line is filled, the staging line is promoted, raising your wall of bricks by one row.

To remove bricks, just click on any brick which is part of a chain of three or more bricks of the same color. Bricks must touch side-to-side or top-to-bottom; diagonal touching does not form a chain. The larger the chain, the more points you'll get for each brick removed. You also get a point bonus for completely clearing the screen of all bricks.

You get a point penalty for clicking on bricks which are not part of a removable chain, and this penalty escalates if you click rapidly and randomly around the board, so try to click only on valid chains.

If your wall is all the way to the top of the board, and another line gets promoted, your game ends immediately.

Each time a line is promoted, the number in the Line display goes down by 1. If you survive until the Line number reaches 0, you get a bonus for the unfilled space in your board, and continue to the next level. The speed of the game, and the number of different colored bricks, increases with each level. The game ends after Level 3, even if you survive to the end of the third level.

Special Bricks

There are several special bricks that will appear in your wall:

Stone Bricks - These gray bricks cannot form part of any chain, and cannot be removed except by a Black Bomb.
Black Bombs - Clicking on a Black Bomb destroys the surrounding bricks, including any special bricks, in a circle 7 bricks across.
Colored Bombs - There are multiple colors of Colored Bombs; the same colors as the bricks themselves. Clicking a Colored Bomb removes every brick of that color that is currently on the board.
Rainbow Bombs - These are Colored Bombs of any color you like. Using a Rainbow Bomb is a two-step process. First, click on the Rainbow Bomb. Then, click on any brick to select a color; all bricks of that color, and the Rainbow Bomb itself, will be removed.
Rockets - Click on Rockets to launch them. They will travel forward, destroying any brick in their path, until they disappear off the edge of the playing area. There are three kinds of Rockets: left-pointing, right-pointing, and downward-pointing.
The Scrambler - Clicking The Scrambler reorders every brick in your wall. Note that while it may create new removable chains, it may also scramble existing removable chains; it's best to use it when you have few or no removable chains in your wall.

Game Controls

Just click on a valid chain to remove it. Avoid clicking on bricks that are not part of a valid chain, in order to avoid penalties.

To speed up the game, you can click the staging line, or the advance levers on either side of it, to instantly promote it. Hitting the space bar will also instantly promote the staging line.

Just click on any special brick to activate it. In the case of a Rainbow Bomb, click on it and then on a brick to select the color of bricks to be removed by that Rainbow Bomb.

Use the Customize button, on the start game window, to change your sound effects and block colors. You may select from several different sets of blocks. You may find one set that offers you improved contrast between blocks. In particular, color-blind players will want to experiment to find the set that works best.

Game Scoring

The number of points that you get for each chain depends on the size of the chain:

Points = 10 * (Number of Bricks in Chain)1.5

Thus, the smallest possible chain, which is 3 bricks, gives you 10*31.5, or 52 points. A medium-sized chain of 8 bricks gives you 10*81.5, or 226 points. A large chain of 25 bricks gives you 10*251.5, or 1250. Thus, not only do you get more points for larger chains, but you get more points per brick for larger chains.

Bricks removed through the use of a bomb (including the bomb itself) give you 40 points per brick.

If you completely clear the screen of all bricks, you get a bonus. This bonus is 1,000 points during Level 1, 1,500 points during Level 2, and 2,000 points during Level 3.

You will lose points if you excessively click on a brick which is not part of a valid chain. This penalty will rapidly escalate if you click rapidly and randomly around the board, so try to avoid clicking on bricks which aren't part of a valid chain.

At the end of each level, you get a bonus for the space not occupied by bricks. You get a large bonus for any completely empty line, and a small bonus for any empty spaces in a line which isn't completely empty. This bonus increases with each level:

Level #Empty Row BonusEmpty Space Bonus
points per row
points per row
points per row
points per space
points per space
points per space

If, at any point during a level, you completely clear every brick from the board, you get a screen clearing bonus. The number of points for this bonus increases with each level.

Game Strategy

Since there are a fixed number of bricks in a level, the way to increase your score is to get more points per brick, by forming large chains. A good way to do this is to pick a color and avoid removing any bricks of that color for as long as possible.

It is best to conserve bombs as long as possible, and use several in conjunction. This is a good way to survive late in levels when the speed increases.

Do not click wildly around the screen, even if your wall is getting dangerously high! You will get a lot of penalty points for this, more than negating the value of any chains you happen to hit.

Especially during the slower levels, use the space bar (or click on the staging line) to speed up the game.

Keep an eye on which columns are closest to reaching the top of the wall, and concentrate on removing chains which have bricks in those high columns.

Only use The Scrambler when you have no removable chains in your wall, or very few removable chains. Otherwise, it may do more harm than good.

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  • The word "bomb" comes from the Latin word "bombus", meaning "a deep, hollow sound".
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