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Game Goal

The goal of this game is to create as many words as you can in five minutes by linking adjacent letter tiles. The longer the word, the more points you earn!

Game Rules

To create a word, click on a letter tile using your mouse, then click on any adjacent letter tile to select the next letter in the word. When you have finished spelling out your word, click the "Submit" button or double-click on the last letter tile in the word. When you submit a word, the worm will eat the letters. The remaining letter tiles will drop down and fill in the gaps.

Valid words must be at least 3 letters long. Look at the word you've spelled in the level indicator box (under the score) and you can see if the word is recognized by the Worm. If you see a point value, it will be counted. If there is no visible point value (i.e. if the word is not a valid word), there will be no change in your score.

At any time during the game, you can re-scramble the letter tiles by clicking on the Worm. Use this function if you run out of word combinations.

Game Scoring

Scoring is simple. Each letter has a point value:


Your total score is made up of a combination of factors:

  1. Points for each letter (see chart above).
  2. The level at which you're currently playing.
  3. A multiplier (a factor of the total number of letters you used to create the word).
  4. Lastly, your score is multiplied by 10 to give you your final score.

For example, if you're playing on level one, the word "SKILL" would earn a score of 700.
That's 13 letter points (1+7+1+2+2 = 13), 1 Level Point (1) and a multiplier of 5 because it took 5 letters to spell the word.

13 [letters] +1 [level] * 5 [multiplier] * 10 = 700

Special Tiles:

A GREEN tile appears for every 5 tiles you remove.
(NOTE: Two 3-letter words will drop a green and count as one towards your next green.)
A RED tile appears every 5 words.
A GOLD tile appears for a 4 or 5-letter word.
A SAPPHIRE tile appears for a 6 or 7-letter word.
A DIAMOND tile appears for 8+ letter word.
(NOTE: Greens and Reds appear at the top of the board. Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond appear randomly in the board.)
(NOTE: Several different special tiles can be created at once, immediately after submitting a word, but never two of the same kind of tile. These tiles remain on the board, so that several of the same kind may accumulate over multiple word submissions.)

The Red tile is a fire tile, that appears at the top of the board and burns its way towards the bottom as you play. Be careful! If a Red tile hits the bottom row, your game will end. You need to form a word using this tile before this happens to safely eliminate it from the board. The Red tile does not provide an additional multiplier, and is worth the same number of points as a normal tile with the same letter.

The other colored tiles (Green, Gold, Sapphire, and Diamond) provide additional score multipliers, as shown below.

Multiplier Bonuses:

Green tile+2
Gold tile+4
Sapphire tile+7
Diamond tile+10

Bonus Word adds points based on level (no multipliers applied): 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 6,000, 10,000.Get a "Level Up" upon reaching the following scores: 3,000, 7,000, 12,000, 18,000, 25,000, 34,000, 44,000, 56,000, 69,000, 80,000, 100,000.

Game Hints

  • When the game begins, scan the game board to spot where key letters are located.
  • Earn special tiles by creating longer words. Use them in words for Mega Points!
  • Try to use letter tiles that have a higher point value. It will really make a difference in your score!
  • Examine each word in the point value box before you submit it. Any incorrect word (a word with no point value) will not count.
  • Watch out for the blank tile! It will randomly show up on the board and you'll have to spell words around it!

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