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Game Description

What the heck is a Chuzzle? Fuzzy furballs? Furry fuzzballs? It's up to you to figure that one out, but one thing's for sure - they're the hottest new stars in the gaming world. Incredibly fun, incredibly exciting, and incredibly addictive!

Game Rules

Click and drag like-colored Chuzzles to match at least 3 in a row or a column and make them disappear! The more Chuzzles you match at one time, the higher your score!

Game Scoring

A match requires at least 3 Chuzzles. The first three Chuzzles are worth 10 points each, so a basic match of 3 scores 30 total points. Each Chuzzle beyond 3 is worth 30 points. Therefore, a basic match of 4 scores 60 total, 5 scores 90 total, etc. Each level adds 10 points to this total score (not per Chuzzle). Matching 3 on level 1 scores 40, matching 4 scores 70, etc. Matching 3 on level 2 scores 50, matching 4 scores 80, etc.

A big Chuzzle scores 40 instead of 10 because it occupies 4 squares. For all purposes, however, it counts as one Chuzzle.

Chain reactions add multipliers to the basic match score. The second match scores its base score x2, the third x3, etc.

It's possible for a move to make several matches simultaneously. This is called a "Multipop" and adds a bonus of 100 that is not affected by chain multipliers.

Matching 6 or more Chuzzles is called a "Cha-Boom!" and scores a bonus of 100, on top of the base score.

When a Bomb Chuzzle is matched it destroys the Chuzzles around it, scoring a bonus of 200.

Matching a Locked Chuzzle scores a bonus of 100. If multiple locks are matching in one move, the extra locks have multipliers. The second adds 200, the third adds 300, etc.

Finish a level by collecting the required number of Chuzzles in the bottle on the left.

When the level ends, the bonus is 1000, plus a time bonus. The maximum time bonus is 2000, with 10 points subtracted per second from the start of the level. This bonus is multiplied by the level. The second level is 2000, plus double the time bonus. The third level is 3000, plus triple the time bonus, etc.

Game Strategy

  • Think ahead! The more clusters you can clear at the same time, the higher your score will be!
  • Clicking "Hint" gives a penalty of 500 points, or removes 5 Chuzzles (thus delaying the next level).
  • Clear levels as quickly as possible. The higher your level, the more points you'll get!

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