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Game Goal

Step up to the plate and put your baseball knowledge to the test! Take your best swing to answer twelve sizzling trivia questions and aim for the bleachers!

Game Rules

Grand Slam Trivia challenges you to answer 12 questions, or "pitches", with 15 seconds allotted to answer each question. Use your mouse to select a response from the answers provided, but don't guess! If you don't know the answer, click the Pass button to gain points; an incorrect answer results in zero points.

Once you select your answer, an animation plays: If you answer correctly, the ball flies out of the park and you score a Run. If you miss the question, an Out is marked, while passing on the question is counted as a Walk. This game is set up like a batting contest, so four walks don't equal a run and your game isn't over after three outs. Instead, the Runs, Walks, and Outs on the scoreboard only represent how you've handled each pitch. No matter what, you'll always receive 12 pitches, so give it your all and play to win!

A question review screen shows the correct answer after a missed or passed question. You can bypass this screen by left-clicking your mouse anywhere on the game board. Your final score will display at the end of the game, showing points for all correct and passed questions and a bonus for any time remaining.

Game Controls

Use your mouse to select a response. If you don't know the answer, click the Pass button. You can skip the question review screen that appears after this action by clicking your mouse button.

Game Scoring

  • Correct Answer -- 200 points
  • Passed Question -- 75 points
  • Incorrect Answer -- 0 points
  • Time Bonus -- 1 point for every full second of time remaining

Game Strategy

  • Keep an eye on the clock! You only have 15 seconds to answer each question.
  • Answer carefully but quickly! The faster you play, the higher your time bonus.
  • Don't guess! It's better to take points for a pass than risk a miss.
  • If you miss or pass on a question, pay attention to the question review, learn the answer, and get 'em next time!

Did You Know?

  • Jane Austen wrote of children playing "base-ball" in Northanger Abbey.
  • The first documented baseball article described a game in Beachville, Ontario, Canada.
  • Contemporary baseball evolved from Alexander Cartwright's 1845 "Knickerbocker Rules".
  • Alexander Cartwright was recognized by the US Congress as the inventor of modern baseball in 1953.
  • Figures of speech like "catbird seat", "charley horse", and "rain check" all come from baseball.

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