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Game Goal

Enter a new dimension of fun with this 3-D version on Mahjongg, the timeless tile-matching classic! Match cubes as fast as you can in a rotating, 360-degree gameboard!

Game Rules

After the game loads, you'll see the Start Screen. Choose "Game Options" to adjust the volume of the sound effects or background music.  When you're ready to start the game, choose "Click to Begin." 

Game Controls

Controls for the game are as follows:

* Left-click on a free tile to select it.

* With a tile selected, left-click on a matching free tile to remove both tiles.

* With a tile selected, left-click on a different free tile to select that one instead.

* Hover the mouse over a tile to see an image of that tile in the top left corner of the game screen. (This can be used to identify a tile when the symbols on it are not visible from the user's current viewing angle.)

* Click on the Left Rotation button to rotate the layout counter-clockwise.

* Click on the Right Rotation button to rotate the layout clockwise.

* Press the Left Arrow key or the A key to rotate the layout clockwise.

* Press the Right Arrow key or the D key to rotate the layout counter-clockwise.

* Click the Music button or press the M key to toggle the music on or off.

* Click the Sound Effects button or press the S key to toggle the sound effects on or off.

Game Scoring

Points are earned in the game as follows:

* Removing a pair of tiles (also referred to as "making a match") earns a base score of 1300 points.

* Earning a "2x Speed Bonus" adds 440 points to the base score for the match.

* Each additional consecutive Speed Bonus adds an incremental 220 points to the value of the Speed Bonus.

* All points for removing tiles and earning speed bonuses are then multiplied by the user's Scoring Multiplier before being added to the user's score.

* The Scoring Multiplier begins at 1x and goes up by one every time the user removes a bonus tile.

* The maximum possible Scoring Multiplier is 11x because there are ten bonus tiles in each game. (One every six seconds for 60 seconds.)

Did You Know?

* Some people speculate that Confucius developed Mahjongg almost 2,500 years ago!

* Mahjongg is currently the most popular table game in Japan!

* Mahjongg tiles were originally made out of bone and bamboo. Some sets were made out of ivory, but now they're usually made of plastic or nylon.

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