Game Goals

Note: There are Warm-Up limits in SCRABBLE Cubes per our agreement with the distributor of the game. If you haven't made a deposit to upgrade your account, then you can only play up to 60 Warm-Up tournaments in SCRABBLE Cubes for the lifetime of your account. If you upgrade your account by making a deposit then you would be able to play 25 Warm-Up (Free) tournaments in SCRABBLE Cubes per day.  

Form words by connecting letters across the surface of the ever-changing pile of cubes. Use long words and bonus cubes to score as many points as possible before time runs out.

Game Rules

In order to connect, each letter must touch the face of the previous letter at either an edge or a corner. Your words can wrap around the side of the pile. No individual cube face can be used more than once in a given word.

Words must contain at least two letters and may not be more than seven letters long.

Only words in the official Merriam-Webster SCRABBLE Dictionary are permitted. The same restrictions used in SCRABBLE and other word games apply - no foreign words, no proper nouns, no abbreviations, no slang, etc. You may only submit a particular word once per game, but you are free to submit plurals and other variants of the word.

All words are validated in real-time by the game's dictionary. Any invalid words will be rejected, and no points will be awarded. There is no scoring penalty for making invalid words, but they do waste valuable time on the clock. Furthermore, cubes used to make invalid words count as being used.

The game begins with 27 cubes, and each cube may be used up to three times in the course of the game. A cube is considered used once when one, two or three of its letters are used to make a word. After the second time a cube is used, the letters on the cube will turn red. When a red-lettered cube is then used again, it is removed from the board, possibly revealing other cubes behind it. Any cubes directly above a removed cube will fall downward to fill in the board.

If a letter is only partially revealed by the removal of a cube, you cannot use it to form words; you must wait until it is fully revealed. Letters that are only partially revealed will be darkened to show that they cannot be used yet.

You can remove any cube manually by right-clicking on it. The game ends when all the cubes have been used up or manually removed.

The game has a time limit (usually four minutes) displayed at the top of the game screen. The clock always displays the time remaining. When the clock reaches 0:00, the game ends. There is no time bonus in SCRABBLE Cubes, so there is no reason not to use up every second.

Game Controls

Click on the first letter of the word you want to form. It will become outlined in white and the letter will appear in your word tray at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the rest of the letters of the word. If you click on a letter that isn't adjacent to your previous letter, the letter will not appear in the word tray and you will hear a sound effect indicating that the move is not allowed.

When you have finished forming a word, click the Submit button. The word will then appear in your word list and a scoring value will be awarded for the word. You may also submit a word by pressing the Enter key or by clicking a second time on the last letter of the word.

If you wish to undo a letter that you have added to the word tray, click the right mouse button. The last letter you selected will be deselected and removed from the word tray. You may also take letters back by clicking the Undo Last Letter button or by hitting the Backspace key on your keyboard. If you wish to remove all letters from the word tray, click the Clear Tray button or press C on your keyboard.

When forming a word, you may back up to any letter in the word by clicking on it again. That letter and all preceding letters will remain in the word tray, and all subsequent letters will be removed from the tray. However, note that clicking again on the last letter of a word will submit the word.

To manually remove any cube, right-click on it while you have no letters in the word tray. It is not possible to remove cubes while you have letters in the word tray.

Game Scoring

Points are awarded for each legal word made. Individual tiles have the following point value per tile:


Using a letter on a "Double Letter" bonus cube will award double the value of the letter, and using a letter on a "Triple Letter" bonus cube will triple the value of the letter. Using a letter on a "Double Word" or "Triple Word" bonus cube will double or triple the cumulative value of the word, respectively.

Letter bonuses are always calculated before word bonus multipliers. "Double Word" and "Triple Word" bonuses are not multiplied together if more than one is used. In that case, only the higher multiplier will be applied.

After the above points have been calculated, an additional bonus is awarded for each word based on its length. The bonus increases with each additional letter:

LengthBonus Points

Game Strategy

You get a lot more points for longer words; try to spot those six- and seven-letter words before making shorter words. Making a lot of three-letter words will use up your cubes without giving you as many points. Look for things that can lengthen your words: the letter S to form plurals; endings such as ER, ED, and ING; or prefixes such as RE and UN.

Try to make use of the most valuable letters on the "Double Letter" and "Triple Letter" bonus cubes, and try to save "Double Word" and "Triple Word" bonuses for the most valuable words you can form. Using the two types of bonus cubes together can result in some particularly high-scoring words.

Try to use up cubes on the near side of the pile first. This will allow you access to more letters, whereas using up letters at the back of the pile will create "holes" in the cube that will make forming words more difficult.

Don't wantonly remove cubes manually - you might find yourself with all your cubes gone, but plenty of time left. On the other hand, don't be afraid to manually remove a cube if you're having trouble finding words.

Did You Know?

  • The game SCRABBLE was created in 1938 by an architect named Alfred Mosher Butts. At that time the game was known as Criss-Crosswords.
  • In 1948, the rights to Criss-Crosswords were purchased by an entrepreneur named James Brunot. The name was changed to SCRABBLE, which means "to grope frantically" - a metaphor for the mental exercise that is sometimes required to find those high scoring words.
  • SCRABBLE went on to become one of the most popular games in history. Around 3 million sets are sold each year in 23 different languages!


The following people contributed to WorldWinner's SCRABBLE Cubes game: Shawn Campbell, Matt Ferrell, Jeremy Shea, John Eskew, Brian Mahoney, Mel Lee, and Tanya Feldman.