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Game Goal

Remove all 108 tiles from the board by matching them, pair by pair.

Game Rules

A pair of tiles can only be removed from the board if they match exactly, and they are both free. Select any free tile, then select a free matching tile to remove both.

A tile is free if there is no other tile covering any part of it, and if at least one of the following is true:

There is no tile touching the tile's right side.
There is no tile touching the tile's left side.

In other words, if you could slide the tile to the left or right, then it is free. If you're not sure, just watch the cursor - it will change to the shape of a hand when it moves over a free tile.

You may reach a point where there are no more moves; if this happens a dialog box will prompt you to restart the game and try again, removing the tiles in a different order. All layouts in Tile city are finishable! But you don't need to wait until you're completely without moves; anytime that you feel you're heading down a dead end, you can restart the game by typing R.

There are many variations of Tile City, each named after a different city. Each variation has a different tile set and layout. Most Tile City competitions will use the original and popular Beijing variation. The other cities will appear in the Daily Champion progressive, with each appearing on a given day of the week. Here's your itinerary; click on the name of the city to see the tiles in that tile set:

Tile SetLayoutAppearance
BeijingThe Dragon(all days)
TokyoTeapot & CupMondays
New DelhiTaj MahalTuesdays
Las VegasSlot MachineWednesdays
CairoThe SphinxThursdays
New YorkI Love NYFridays
Emerald CityOZSaturdays

Game Controls

Click on a free tile to select it. The tile will change color to show that it is selected. A buzzing sound indicates that a tile is not free.

Click on another free tile. If the two tiles match, they will be removed. If the second tile does not match the first tile, the second tile will become the new selected tile.

At any point, you can type "R" to restart the layout.

Game Scoring

Your base score is 15 points times the maximum number of tiles you removed. Note that this is not the same as the last number of tiles removed; if you remove 120 tiles, and then restart the game, and have removed 100 tiles when time runs out, your maximum number of removed tiles is 120, not 100. A perfect base score is 1620.

If you successfully remove all 108 tiles, you get a time bonus, equal to:

( T total T used ) * 500
T total

where Ttotal is the initial time limit to complete the game, and Tused is the amount of time used. Thus, the time bonus will range from 0 to 500, depending on the amount of time used.


Player 1 removes all 108 tiles, using 475 of the 600 second time limit.

Score = ( 108 * 15 ) + 
( 600 475 ) * 500
 = 1620 + 104 = 1724

Player 2 removes a high of 92 tiles.

Score = 92 * 15 = 1380

Did You Know?

  • The Beijing variation of Tile City is played with tiles from the traditional Chinese game Mah Jongg. Called the Game of the Four Winds in China, it was brought to America by Joseph Babcock, a representative of the Standard Oil Company. He coined the name Mah Jongg, after the Chinese word for the "bird of 1000 intelligences", which appears on the first tile of the Bamboo suit.
  • The first game that used Mah Jongg tiles to create a matching solitaire game was called Shanghai, designed by Brodie Lockard and released by Activision in 1986.

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