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Game Goal

Come on down! You're the next contestant on The Price Is Right! Your goal is to score as many points as possible in three distinct rounds. First you'll start on Contestants' Row, where you need to confirm your player's initial "thought bubble" bid by clicking on matching amounts (e.g., if they "think" $157, click on all "157" bubbles). Next up, play Cliffhangers, Plinko, or Punch-a-Bunch in the Pricing Game round. Here you need to match 3 or more pieces vertically or horizontally to change the tile background color. Change the color of all of the tiles for extra points! Finally, you're on to the Showcase round. Help your player make a successful bid by matching two tiles to remove them from the board -- remove all of the tiles for bonus points!

Game Rules

Start Screen & Game Options

After the game loads, you'll see a Start screen and a "Game Options" button which will bring up an Options screen. Here you can adjust the levels for background music and sound effects and select one of four different players to represent you in the game. There is also a "Show Help" option you can select to opt for a "Help" screen with game tips before each of the three rounds. Once you know how to play, remove the check to prevent these screens from showing. In addition there are two transition sequences in the game, the "Come on Down!" intro and the Big Wheel spin. If you wish to skip these scenes and get right into the action, remove the check from the "Show Transitions" option. Your settings will be remembered between games. Click "Back" to return to the Start screen.

Once you're ready to play, go ahead and click the "Click to begin" button!

Contestants' Row

At the start of the game, your player is selected from the audience to "come on down" to the Contestants' Row. An item is revealed for bidding. Your player then "thinks" of a price for this item, displayed in a thought bubble over the player's head. This amount moves down and displays on your player's podium. The audience then begins screaming out various prices, some that match this bid, and many that don't. Help increase your player's confidence in the bid by clicking on the price bubbles that match the bid amount.

  • For each click on a bubble that matches your player's bid, you'll earn points.
  • Be careful! If you click on a bubble with a price that doesn't match, you'll lose points!
  • If you click on every matching price bubble, you'll receive a 100-point bonus for a perfect round.

After 30 seconds, the round is over and all the contestants submit their bids. Luckily, your player has uncanny bidding skills! Your bid is automatically the closest without going over, and you move on to play a pricing game.

Pricing Game

  1. You will now play one of three pricing games, either Cliffhangers, Plinko, or Punch-a-Bunch. When the game starts, you'll see an 8x8 grid of tiles covered in game pieces. Match 3 or more icons vertically or horizontally to change the tile background color. Each flipped tile earns points, each completed column earns more points, and changing the color of all of the tiles gets you bonus points!
  2. To make matches, use the mouse to swap adjacent pieces. If the new positions of these swapped pieces result in vertical or horizontal matches of 3 or more pieces, these pieces are removed from the board. The background tiles of any pieces involved in the match flip over to a new color, if they have not done so already. If the swap does not result in any matches, the pieces are returned to their original locations.
  3. After a match, the remaining pieces fall down to fill in the resulting empty spots, which can result in additional matches. Additionally, new pieces fall in from the top of the screen, to keep the playing area filled with 64 pieces at all times.
  4. If at any time there are no possible matches remaining on the board, all the pieces are removed and the board is re-filled.
  5. You have 3 minutes to play. In order to successfully finish, you must flip over all 64 tiles on the board. You will receive bonus points for any time remaining.

After the Pricing Game round, you'll see a fun transition showing the Big Wheel, leading the way to the final round: the Showcase!

The Showcase

During this round, your player tries to win a showcase consisting of fabulous prizes by making a successful bid. In order to help your player do so, you must remove all 36 tiles from the board in 80 seconds. First, click on a tile to flip it over, then select and flip over a second tile. If the tiles match, they will vanish. If they don't, they'll flip back over. You'll earn points for each successful match.

Remove all the tiles to make a successful showcase bid and earn extra points. You'll also earn a time bonus for any time remaining. If time runs out before you remove all the tiles, your player's bid is unsuccessful: you'll keep all the points for any matches you've made, but lose out on the points for winning the Showcase.

Game Controls

Contestants' Row

Use the mouse to click on the price bubbles that match your player's bid, shown in a thought bubble above your player's head at the beginning of the round, and then in the player's podium afterwards. Avoid clicking on bubbles that do not match.

Pricing Game

  • Make matches using the mouse by first clicking on the piece you'd like to move.
  • Then, select a valid location for this piece, and click the mouse button on this location. Pieces can move horizontally or vertically, i.e. left, right, up, or down.
  • The piece is swapped with the piece in the new location. If a match is made, the matching pieces will be removed from the board; if the swap does not result in a match, the pieces return to their original locations.
  • Alternatively, you can move pieces by clicking and holding the mouse button over the piece you'd like to move. While holding the mouse button down, move the mouse to new desired location and release the button.


  • First click on a tile to reveal it. Then, reveal a second tile by clicking on a different tile. If a match is made after the two tiles are revealed, both pieces are removed from the board; otherwise, they turn back over.

Game Scoring

Your total score for the game is the sum of your score from each of the three rounds:

Contestants' Row

  • You earn 30 points every time you click on a price bubble that matches the price your avatar is thinking.
  • You lose 50 points for every click on a price bubble that doesn't match.
  • If you click on every matching price bubble, you receive 100 bonus points for a perfect round.
  • Your score cannot fall below 0 points.

Pricing Game

  • Earn 50 points for flipping a background tile.
  • Flip an entire column's background tiles to receive a bonus of 100 points.
  • Flip over every background tile and complete the board to receive a bonus for any time remaining. This is worth 1 point for every 200 milliseconds remaining (5 points per second).

The Showcase

  • Earn 100 points for each successful match of like tiles.
  • Earn a bonus of 400 points for matching every tile and clearing the board.
  • If you clear the board, you'll also receive a time bonus for any time remaining. This is worth 1 point for every 200 milliseconds remaining (5 points per second).

Game Strategy

  • During Contestants' Row, click on the price bubbles that match your player's bid as fast as you can. However, you are penalized for clicking on bubbles that don't match, so be careful!
  • In the Pricing Game round, making matches does not directly earn you any points; instead, it is the flipping of the underlying background tiles that earns points. Therefore, if making a match wouldn't flip any additional background tiles, it's best to look for another one!
  • During the Pricing Game, the bottom-left and bottom-right corner tiles often prove the most difficult to flip. If you get a chance to make a match that will flip either of these, make sure you take it!
  • If you're playing the Cliffhangers pricing game, your climber is represents the game clock: as time counts down, he marches towards the top of the cliff. Complete the board before time runs out to keep him from falling off the edge!
  • In the Pricing Game round, matches made near the bottom of the screen will move more pieces, and therefore have a greater chance of setting of a chain reaction of matches.
  • In the Showcase round, try revealing tiles methodically down a column or across a row, instead of picking tiles scattered across the board. It might increase your chance of remembering where a particular tile was!

Did You Know?

  • The first episode of The Price is Right aired on November 26th, 1956.
  • The Price is Right is broadcast in over 33 countries!
  • The Price is Right is the longest-running game show in television history!
  • The Price is Right won 4 Daytime Emmys for "Outstanding Game Show!"
  • The Price is Right has produced eight board games!
  • Bob Barker only missed one taping of The Price is Right in over 25 years!
  • Vanna White was a contestant in 1980, two years before appearing on Wheel of Fortune!
  • Actress Meg Ryan appeared in a showcase skit in 1983!
  • Over 7,000 episodes of The Price is Right have been broadcast since it began in 1956!

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